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Behind our bandanas 🪡

Behind our bandanas 🪡

Making merit badges for pets has always been our focus. We created the badges and it was up to you to choose where to place them. From blankets, sweaters, bags and bandanas - we loved watching where our merit badges ended up.

As time went on the demand for a 'base' for our badges grew and grew. We knew it was time to add bandanas to our offering. 

Enter The Paws - a company we've followed closely since our inception in 2018. 



Based in Bali, their cotton pieces are printed, tailor cut and sewn by skilled Indonesian artisans.

The Paws also raise funds for dogs in need through each item they sell. 

Our bandanas are hand dyed, making each run unique - and exclusive to Scout's Honour. We're currently working on some digitally printed patterns with help from The Paws - keep your eyes peeled for these!


Personnalisez la garde-robe de votre chien.

Nous avons un patch adapté à chaque chien. Notre gamme de badges de mérite pour chiens est thermocollante et facile à appliquer.


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