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Ethical Trading Policy

Scout’s Honour is committed to ensuring a high standard of ethical and environmental practices, including the provision of safe working conditions and the protection of workers’ rights across its businesses and throughout its supply chains.

Scout’s Honour seeks to understand and mitigate the human rights impacts of its operations and supply chains. Scout’s Honour also expects its Suppliers to observe our Core Requirements and to demonstrate a similar commitment to an ongoing programme of ensuring and, where necessary, improving ethical and environmental practices.

The Core Requirements are as follows:

Employment of appropriate workers & general practices
  • Suppliers must not use any form of forced, bonded or involuntary labour.
  • Suppliers must not use workers under the age of 15, or the minimum legal working age in the country in question, if higher than 15. 
  • Workers must not be subject to physical or verbal abuse or threats, sexual or other forms of harassment or intimidation of any description.
  • Suppliers must pay minimum wages as dictated by local law.


Worker safety & well-being
  • Factories and work sites used by Suppliers must be safe and hygienic with an adequate number of safe and accessible fire exits from all buildings, and workers must have access to potable water. Living accommodation must be in buildings that are separate from other areas of the workplace and must have an adequate fire alarm system.
  • Workers’ life or limb must not be endangered through the use of dangerous machinery, unsafe building structure or layout, or the use of hazardous chemicals or substances.
  • Workers must not be required to work extreme hours or work without adequate rest periods.


Business integrity
  • Suppliers must maintain proper and accurate employment records, including calculation of pay and hours worked.
  • Suppliers must not engage in bribery, corruption or other similar unethical practices in order to gain competitive advantage or to influence the findings of audits or other such assessments of the Supplier’s business practices.


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