Merit badges for dogs, inspired by a dog named Scout!

Meet Scout! Our co-founder, model and muse. All of our badges are inspired by the quirky, cute and sometimes infuriating behaviour of this gorgeous little guy! We’re sure you’ll be able to find a patch that perfectly sums up your pet, too!

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It’s super easy to add 
personality to your dogs wardrobe. Our merit 
badges are iron-on!

You can easily iron our badges on to your dogs wardrobe and add to their collection over time. It’s fuss free and done in minutes! To ensure your badges stay put for the long haul, we recommend stitching down some corners – especially if you have a playful pup on your hands!

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Presenting our first ever cub scouts. Meet the winners of our instagram ambassador search!

We recently held an Instagram competition to find a group of cub scouts who love our products as much as we do! The results are in, and they’re adorable!

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