Meet Claire & Scout.

Although Scout’s Honour was officially birthed in 2018, the idea had floated around in Claire’s mind for a while. Originally an idea that seemed so insane it couldn’t possibly work. A small business that makes merit badges for dogs - what would people think!

But the pun was too good to pass. The term ‘scouts honour’ (an oath taken by a member of the scouts, to be upstanding, trustworthy and honest) was the perfect connection between the scouts and her cocker spaniel named Scout. Also, upstanding, trustworthy and honest!? We challenge you to find a dog that isn’t all of those things.

What began as a small store on Etsy has turned into a vibrant business with hundreds of stockists worldwide and a beautiful community of like-minded dog lovers. We like to think the role of Scout’s Honour is to honour Scout and all dogs through merit badges that celebrate their cute, quirky and sometimes infuriating behaviour.

As with any original idea, now merit badges and patches for dogs can be found far and wide, but we can still hold our origin story close to our hearts and remember what a special thing we’ve started.