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Best (and worst) Fabrics for Iron-On Patches 🏆

Best (and worst) Fabrics for Iron-On Patches 🏆

The best fabric for iron-on patches is cotton. Cotton is a natural fiber that can withstand high heat. Since you may have to use your iron on high, cotton can easily withstand the heat.

Our range of dog bandanas are 100% cotton, making them the perfect base for your patches. You can shop our range here

Other great fabrics include linen and linen-cotton blends.

Some other poly-cotton blends are acceptable for patches, but always check the item’s tag to see the temperature allowance for ironing. You may not want to use this item if it states to 'do not iron' or 'only iron on a cool setting'.

Materials that are 'wrinkle-free' are also not the best for iron-on patches. Loosely woven materials and many knit fabrics will also not hold an iron-on patch.

Tightly woven knits however, like t-shirt materials, will be great for iron-on patches.

You should never iron-on a patch to leather, fake leather items, nylon or similar plastic materials.

When in doubt about your fabric, stitch!

If your chosen material isn't suitable for an iron, or you're just unsure - the best solution is to stitch down your patch instead. Our iron-on adhesive is very thin and won't hinder you from stitching them down instead.


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