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Top Tips for Applying your Patch ⭐️

Top Tips for Applying your Patch ⭐️

Ensure your dogs iron-on patches stay put by following these steps.

Check Your Garment or Fabric: 

Make sure your chosen fabric can withstand the heat before applying your patch. Read our handy fabric guide here.

Clean & Dry Surface: 

Before applying the patch, ensure the fabric surface is dry and clean to ensure the adhesive can work its magic.

Cover the Application Area: 

Once you've positioned the patch, cover it with some spare fabric (a tea-towel is perfect) to protect the patch.

Heat & Pressure: 

Our iron-on patches require heat and pressure to activate the adhesive. Use a hot iron (204°C or 400°F) and apply steady pressure for around 30-40 seconds as you iron over the top of the patch. 

Flip Your Fabric: 

Turn your fabric over (no need to cover it this time) and iron again for a further 15-20 seconds.

Cooling Time: 

Allow the patch to cool down completely before handling. This helps the adhesive set properly, ensuring a lasting bond.

For a more detailed guide, have a look at our handy guide which will take you step by step through the process. 

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